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Hitting the Books...

Anyone who says they have only one life to liv...
Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. ~AuthorUnknown (Photo credit: Nick Kenrick .)

Last time I talked about goals and mentioned that about a goal that I originally didn't start off with but was influenced by an acquaintance. That person is Rich Hopkins who is an outstanding public speaker and motivator who set a goal of reading one book per week for the whole year and gave a list of some of the books he was thinking of reading.

At first I didn't think that I could even come close to reading a book a week but I decided to put my one hour back and forth to school on TriMet Route 44 to good use. While we still have a couple of days till the half way point of the year, I have actually read 28 books so far this year and am currently working on one although I don't know if I will have it done by Monday.

Here is a list of the books that I have read by category:


How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age       By Dale Carnegie Institute
Life Reimaged                                                                            By Leider and Webber
Wishes Fulfilled                                                                          By Wayne Dyer
Break Out!                                                                                By Joel Osteen
Life Without Limits                                                                     By Nick Vujicic
How Full is Your Bucket?                                                          By Raft and Clifton
Hijacked by Your Brain                                                             By Ford and Wortmann
Be the Miracle                                                                           By Regina Brett
The Millionaire Next Door                                                         By Stanley and Danko
Think and Grow Rich                                                                 By Napoleon Hill  
Barefoot Executive                                                                     By Carrie Wilkerson 

Political :

That Used to be Us*                                                                  By Friedman and Mandelbaum
Democracy and Populism                                                           By John Lukacs

Urban Planning:

Portland Edge                                                                            Edited by Connie Ozawa
Planning With Complexity*                                                        By Judith Innes
Planning And Diversity in the City*                                             By Fincher and Iveson
Ethical Land Use*                                                                      By Timothy Beatley 
Planning a New West                                                                 By Abbott, Adler and Abbott
Zoned Out*                                                                               By Jonathon Levine 


Daybreak Zero*                                                                        By John Barnes
Star Trek: The Original Series: No Time Like the Past                By Greg Cox
Star Trek: Voyager: Protectors                                                  By Kristen Beyer
Star Trek: The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms                                   By Dayton Ward
Star Trek: From History's Shadows                                           By Dayton Ward


Frontiers Past and Future: Science Fiction and the American West
                                                                                                 By Carl Abbott
Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World                                  By Zig Ziglar
The Message of You                                                                 By Judy Carter
The 5 Love Languages                                                              By Gary Chapman

*Titles that I was required to read

I am currently reading the book Planet of Slums and may have it done by Monday which would make 29 books so far this year. I currently have a stack of books that I hope to be reading over the next few weeks most of which are either motivational books or Urban Planning/Design in nature along with one fiction book called "Tomorrow, When the War Began" which is the Australian version of Red Dawn.

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